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Sailboat plans; ft Sailboat plans ft. Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare; Pixie by Woods Designs 14ft fun beach catamaran 14' m: 6' 11" m: sq. ft. m 2 - . affiliate links Cabin Cruiser, Free Sailboat Plans Petrel You can build this 16ft boat as a day sailer or an overnighter with cabin. Petrel is a Free Sailboat Plan that fulfils the greatest possible variety of uses in one model, offering the builder either an open-cockpit racing craft with comfortable accommodation for day sailing or a snug cabin model with accommodation for overnight trips to. Note - for those builders who want to build a model of the Morning Tide 14 and also purchase the study plans for the full-size boat at the same time, we have discounted the combined model/study plans - see below - (?33 rather than ?40 - UK/EU and ?28 rather than ?34 - US/Elsewhere).
Well, the Weekender plans have just been completely gone through (updated drawings, new Plans Addenda for improvements, and new additions to the text!) and we are now offering Immediate Digital Download of the plans! AND We Now Have the whole of the 3 1/2-hour Weekender Home Boatbuilding Course available as downloadable or streaming video! Just as the plans needed to move to a more modern format, so too did the Weekender Boatbuilding Video.� Order the Weekender Plans, the Video Series, or BOTH below, and scroll down this page to learn LOTS more about the Weekender! The Weekender Plans. The Weekender Video Series. $ $ If you would still prefer the printed plans, please contact us. This 7min video is a collection of clips from the 3 1/2 hour long Weekender Home Boatbuilding DVD set, the comprehensive video companion to the Weekender. Row boat plans. Sailboat plans. Power boat plans. Home. Plans. Sailboat plans. Sailboat plans. Design. Length.� - Corsair 11 by myboat123 boatplans [CR11] a sturdy but performant small boat, an ideal first sailboat for one or two people. 10' 9" m. 4' 4" m.

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