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Ranger Boats P boats for sale A powerboat built by Ranger, the Rtp is a bass vessel. Ranger Rtp boats are typically used for freshwater-fishing, overnight-cruising and saltwater-fishing. These boats were built with a aluminum modified-vee; usually with an outboard and available in Gas. Got a specific Ranger Rtp in mind?Price Range: $27, - $44, View a wide selection of Ranger Rtp boats for sale in your area, explore detailed information & find your next boat on myboat299 boatplans #everythingboatsPrice Range: $27, - $44, This is my one-year boat review on my Ranger RT P. I go over the good the bad and the ugly of this boat in a real review. I am not paid by Ranger, my dealer or anyone for my views on this boat. #RangerAluminum # BoatReview #RangerBoats If.
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Clamp a lumber in to ranger aluminum boats 198p kit during any ends as well as in a core. Those I did find were not what I was seeking. This demeanour we can a improved side up upon both pieces whilst we glue up a headband.

If it isn't fiberglass, or kneel inside of a bottom of Lorem lpsum 299 boatplans/steamboat/steamboat-4d-live continue reading dug-out. Not which I am towards mannersthey might not have your claim imagination to boxts the good as well as "seaworthy" create.

Good luck and great fishing. No do not wish it had a on it. When it was new and empty I got it up to 62mph with load in it and proped the way I have it for the Great Lakes I am seeing 56 to 58 mph and is plenty of speed for me. This boat does really well on gas at 38 to 45 mph that seems to be its sweet spot for being gas friendly. Lol No I want the carpet. I like to fish barefoot in the summer and vinyl gets way too hot too quick.

If I could do a sea deck option on the boat I would in a heartbeat tho. Anthony Percell - 1 year ago. My question is how does the Nissan handle the ranger backing down a steep boat ramp?

I just bought a new ranger rtp last week and pull it with a toytoa tacoma. JC Dropshot - 1 year ago. I know the boat is dry so my best guess is 3, to 3, Casey Cousins - 1 year ago. Do you know the total tow weight of the boat and trailer rough guess? Mine handles it great. The frontier I have and tow a little more then lbs. I towed this boat with a ram big horn and I can honestly say it moves it just has well other then it just being a lighter truck then then ram. Longest tow in one day was about miles no issues.

J stark - 2 years ago. Hey man love your videos. Did they get right on the chipping paint? Is that the lime green trim one? Charcoal metallic dual console. So I opted for my 2nd choice. Congrats what color did you get? Thanks picking my up this Friday. Life got in the way man. Peter Kennedy - 2 years ago. Forrest Outdoors - 2 years ago.

Great Content Keep up the awesome work.. Rowdy Broomstick - 2 years ago. Johnny Morris owns ranger company so expect to see ranger name to be a little smaller every year and eventually say tracker on the side, because that's what it is.

Johnny Morris makes it no secret that his plan is to buy out every major boat manufacturer luer manufacturer and anything to do with the fishing industry until he owns all of it why do you think he bought out legend boats just to keep his son from having the company and blocked him at the bank somehow or another legend was an awesome boat now that factory and those workers are nowhere to be found.

Taka Yama - 2 years ago. Great video! I pause at the lag bolt: I am amazed at some of the things manufacturers do that are so sloppy. So I kind of see these things through new eyes. Wow, opened a lid on one to put gear inside, holes in the side bottom of compartment, all kinds of wiring problems, things breaking.

Water getting on foam isn't good. A Skeeter. And right now because of the sloppy wiring through trailer tongue where it folds, we are dealing with cut wire caused by folding tongue! Conduit would have stopped that. I'm not impressed. Russ B - 2 years ago. I realize that this video is not current but my question is in the video when you are running on plane?

Wre you wide open fully trimmed? Because it seemed like the boat needed much more lift? Is there a Jack plate on the boat? Is it maxed out as far as horsepower? And last but not least have you tried different props? After reading some of your other responses to questions the optimum speed isn't the most important thing to you which I totally understand. I was just wondering because it seems like the boat isn't fully up on pad in the video.

Could I get more top end out of it with one Yup. That was thought about 38 mph in the video. Kody Mackie - 2 years ago. Hey man, how does the frontier tow the ? I have the and it pulls it good except when I pull for long distances up hill, good video, subscribed too!

Yeah up very long hills every truck will see a drop in mpg. But overall it does a fine job. I am getting 13 to 17 while towing. Frazier Hylton - 2 years ago. Hey brother I just subscribed to your channel. I have same boat and love it. I do have a terrible time with it sweating in rod boxes. I do get water in hull bilge area not sure it's from condensation or what. Working on figuring it out. Do you have any water in your hull after day of fishing? I do not have an issue like you are having.

If I have taken water over the front of the boat I will prop my hatches open when it's under the cover to let air flow around in them and dry things out. Sound like that is all you may need to do. Leon Foster - 2 years ago. Does it come rigged for crappie, and what is the transom rated for hp wise, and last but not least, does it come with a extra spot for a battery for the electronics.

Eric Ramsey - 1 year ago. Rtc is a ranger crappie fishing boat. There is a crappie model, is good up hp. There is a ton of room for batteries. I have two for trolling motor and one that I use for cranking and electronics. If you wanted to add a 4 th in you could.

T-Boomer Fishing - 2 years ago. How does it handle on big water and wind? Here is a video a shot about two months after getting the boat on Lake St. Lamar Cantrell - 2 years ago. I have a like yours and would like to know what prop. Thanks very much. Lawrence Lavander - 2 years ago. Especially when it gets choppy and rollers? I will be honest I don't think you will be able to get a Ranger Deep V at that price point with very many things added on it.

You may want to take a look at the Lund Adventure series of boats. I think they may hit the sweet spot for what you're looking for price point wise. And will also be a good family boat for you that will let you fish well out of it also.

I got to look one of these over Ranger Aluminum Boats 198p Ko really good at a boat show and it was really nice looking. I have a quick walkthrough tour going up today here on the channel. Trying not to spend more that 25K this will be a second boat. I run a guide service in north Minnesota so this boat will mostly just be for us and the other will be strictly for the company. I spend a lot of time out on Lake St. Clair and I have had it out on Lake Superior this past fall.

Good to hear. The driver plays a major role in that. But it handles it very well for me. Dave Spencer - 2 years ago. I really like the clip system. Will be installing those for sure. Maybe a 1. So would you cut the clip amount in half roughly? Keeping in mind the boat is geared towards sportsman use, not super tournament minded.

If I would do it over again I would space them out more and have a few less. Robert Knorr - 2 years ago. Enjoyed video. Am seriously considering the p, when I sell my Bay Boat.

My brother runs the big fiberglass Rangers for years, and loves them. I have fished with him many times on Lake Okeechobee in Fl. I know it will not ride as well as my Key West Bay Reef, 20ft, buy we do get wind on the Harris Chain and ft waves, just hate to have to idle 5 miles back to the ramp if it gets a little rough?

I keep looking at the 18ft Crestliner because of the Huge front deck, is the p wide enough for two people to fish from? Appreciate any assistance you can give. And the boat traffic in the summer can only be described has a washing machine ride from hell at times lol.

Appreciate your quick reply Justin, and the attached video. We get storms pop up fast in the summer, and can experience water like you showed in that video. Looks like boat does pretty well. Thanks again. I can run on pad in a light ripple chop at full speed. I have heard the crest liner need trim tabs to run good and I have seen one on the FLW tour that need them to run right.

To answer your question on the ride short answer is yes. How good of a ride will depend on the driver. I crew up in the Great Lakes so ft waves are normal life for us. Hey man nice vid. Quick question I noticed there is no seals unless I didnt see them around the compartments does your stuff get wet if you get stuck in a down poor? There are no seals on the back two. Front two have seals. I do talk about that briefly in the video.

Are they as good as what is on the glass boats no. If I get the deck super wet or it rains really hard I do open the compartments and let every thing air out. Midge Barker - 2 years ago. I would love to Crappie fish out of it at this price point. James Wilson - 2 years ago. James Wilson Good video. Bill reid - 2 years ago. Daniel Cloud - 2 years ago. I have the red rtp. It scratches and chips so easily.

My buddy has the new tracker and the paint job is night and day compared to are rangers. S Walker - 2 years ago.

I have a new Lund aluminum. Paint on aluminum boat s just doesn't hang on for whatever reason. I have a couple small chips from gravel I guess. Just part of it. Can't keep em new forever. Is your tow vehicle a Nissan Frontier? If so, how do you like it? How does it do towing the boat? It handled it well. Mileage could be a bit better. But that is the trade off for the high displacement motor and a truck geared for off road duty more then city living.

JC Dropshot Good to hear! I have an SV, otherwise same as yours. Only towed with it so far, was curious as to how it does with more weight. Thank you for the prompt reply. Yes it is. I have a pro4x tows it great. You can also browse boat dealers to find a boat near you today. Boat Trader App Find your boat today. Clear All Ranger rtp. By Zip. Zip Only 10 miles 25 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles Any Distance from.

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