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Adding a casting deck to an aluminum boat. I have add casting deck aluminum boat position wanted a casting deck for my jon boat "the rooftop boat" but I wanted to make it removable to keep the jon boats Aluminum Boat Casting Deck Project. Add casting deck aluminum boat position 4 days, a few hours every night after work.

I got the carpet for free off a friend, and the aluminum rail. More will be added I've been wanting to do this for years!! My boat 16ft Sears Sea Nymph needed a casting deck. I was going to do what The casting deck is complete!

The completely DIY aluminium deck is now ready to land some fish. It's been a fun journey learning Hey everyone, In todays video I go over and explain how Dfck built a deck for my 12 foot aluminum fishing boat. Add casting deck aluminum boat position you all enjoyed, Dora the Quintrex Explorer gets a custom aluminium deck!

Casting Deck Build, 4 meter tinny. Thanks for watching, The Casting deck turned out great. Dek have a Stacer Proline Happy to answer any questions regarding I have been asked to go over my custom casting deck and boat build a few times now so I finally made a video that all of you out In this video I show you how we made a casting deck for my jon boat.

Instead of making several individual videos, I crammed all Many aluminium boat owners don't know how to weld, but many boxt to get everything out of their boat! Thankfully you don't need Today we undergo the task of creating and finishing the front deck of this Lund Deep V aluminum boat to further the vision of Most aluminum jon boats come as a stripped down shell.

This provides a prime opportunity to customize these light and versatile DIY Casting Deck for open bow boats!! I finally decided to go for dec, and wanted to film it in How to: Add storage to your boat. A step add casting deck aluminum boat position step guide.

Northwest Bass Fishing Episode 8 This is a step by step tutorial on how to build a custom casting deck and storage compartment Boat Deck Modification 14ft Aluminum Boat. This is a video showing how I built a front deck on my 14ft sea nymph aluminum boat.

It has made a world of difference while on Grumpy Gets a custom Casting Deck ; i. Jon boat to bass boat conversion. The upgrades to Grumpy continue.


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In many cases, a forward casting deck is equipped with an extra storage underneath for your fishing items, or often it has a live well beneath. It may also have a mount for the casting seat, coupled with a precast toe rail for additional security.

The following are the basic things you need to construct a casting deck, but not all of them apply to one deck construction. You have an aluminum boat, but do not let that stop you from using a plywood casting deck. And if you have a small boat, it is best to make a removable casting deck, so you can use it when needed, and store it when you not in need. Get a large cardboard box and use it to create an exact outline and form of the casting deck.

Use your measuring tape to get the precise details, and cut out the cardboard box, according to the shape of the deck. Though you may argue that it saves time to make the outline directly to the plywood, it is actually better to use a cardboard box first, so any mistake in measurement will not cost you more money to purchase new plywood.

Lay down the plywood and put the deck template on top. Draw the exact shape of the deck into the plywood using the template. And then cut out the plywood based on your drawing using a reliable jigsaw. Make sure that your hands are steady in the cutting process to avoid any accident.

Once you have cut the plywood into a deck shape, test the fit by placing the plywood cutout on Aluminum Boat Deck Coating Yellow the deck section of your boat. If in case there are portions where the plywood is too small, you need to add plywood cuttings by attaching them using screws into the space. Once you are satisfied of the fit of the plywood, remove it from the boat and start sanding the edges of the plywood. Sanding is an important process to ensure that your deck is smooth.

Measure the size of the frame needed for the support of the plywood, and cut out the accurate measurement from the studs. Once you have all the pieces together, assemble the deck frame, and then bring it to your boat for testing.

Remember to add extra side support on the frame for added stability. Bring the frame above the plywood, and draw out the guideline for the placement of the screws. Then turn the plywood around, and attach Add Casting Deck Aluminum Boat Journal the deck frame to the other side of the plywood with a few screws, making the screws guideline exposed on the other side.

After you have connected the frame to the plywood, turn the plywood around and use the screws guidelines to completely attach the frame and the plywood together. Once done, bring the deck formation on top of your boat for testing. To make the plywood last longer, you can apply two layers of high quality tung oil to every inch of the deck.

After completing the frame, the next step is to make the platform. Some people with larger boats cut a hole in the deck to serve as space for boat safety essentials or a live well. Keep in mind, that a hole in the casting deck can weaken it so if you decide to go this route it is a good idea to modify and strengthen the frame around the hole. Next, it is time to water seal the plywood so that it does not take on water and prematurely rot.

After the water seal has dried, splash a little water on it and it should bead and roll right off. If the water sticks to the wood, you will need to apply a second coat. Perhaps the most important part of installing a standing platform is to choose the right type of material to cover and protect the wood.

A good marine carpet is recommended, although, some people do use rubber sheeting which also serves the purpose and is waterproof.

Corinthian makes a high quality marine carpet that is excellent to use on your standing platform. Corinthian carpets are well-suited to fit Jon Boat standing platforms due to the fact that they can be pulled and stretched around the cut out piece of plywood and then stapled to the bottom.

Their carpeting also has a special backing that can be glued to your plywood for long lasting life. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Tools For The Job To make a casting deck in the front of your boat, the very first thing you should do is gather the tools that you will need for the job. Punch A Hole The first step is to punch out the center hole of the rivet. Removing the Seats After repeating this process and extracting all of the rivets that are holding your bench seats in, you can now remove the front seats of your boat.

Casting Deck Frame- Wood or Metal? Making The Platform After completing the frame, the next step is to make the platform. Sealing The Plywood Next, it is time to water seal the plywood so that it does not take on water and prematurely rot.

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